Vocal Massage and Myofasical Release

Vocal Massage London

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, vocal massage is an amazing tool to help singers speed
up progress, recover from injury, or work out that annoying vocal ‘roadblock’ that seems to be halting their efforts. 

Having this tool in my belt allows me to offer a highly specialised service to professional performers. A combination of manual therapy techniques help to relieve the blockage, but the beauty of being a vocal coach means we can switch to voice training instantly and enhance the progress.

Many singers, especially the pros who are under pressure, refer to a frequent check in with
the vocal masseuse as a ‘god send’. West End teams and touring pop vocalists are all cottoning on to the benefits of muscle release and bringing these skills into their shows and schedules. This is all testament to the results that have been achieved from vocal massage therapy over recent years.

Let’s cut to the chase 

Vocal massage, manipulation, release, or whatever you want to call it, is a way of manually ridding problematic tensions in the network of muscles that contribute to you making sound. 

So many singers come in and report feelings of ‘tension’, ‘constriction’ or downright ‘rock hardness’ around the neck, throat, jaw and upper body. As you’ve probably heard, most of the positive words in the singing experience dance around the descriptions of ‘freedom’, ‘ease’ and ‘flexibility’, so it’s no surprise that muscular rigidity gets in the way of your vocal nirvana.