In a Nutshell

singing lessons LondonMy aim is simple; to assist a singer in achieving THEIR perfect sound whilst maintaining the best possible vocal function.

More experienced singers often have strong direction in their stylistic identity but occasionally experience limitations in their range, flexibility or power, or may even be suffering from tiredness and vocal health problems. In just a short time I can help you to develop areas of your voice that may not have been usable, or release any tension or discomfort that has crept in over time using tools that encourage smooth coordination of the vocal folds throughout the range. On the other hand, things might be feeling wonderful but you’re keen to tick off a few more entries from the vocal ‘wish list’.

Either way, if you improve the function of your instrument you can turbo-charge it with adjustments to other parts of the singing process such as breathing and ‘vowel tuning’ to access a cracking belt voice, a floating mix, or maybe a classical head voice. The best bit is, you’ll be skilled enough to do all 3… if you want to of course.